YouTube video download: How to download videos from YouTube for free in 2022

YouTube video download: Downloading YouTube videos is a challenge in itself and if we want to download YouTube videos then it is impossible for many users because users do not know which is the best way?

In such a situation, if we want to download our favorite video, then what will have to be done for it? And which is the best 100% secure way to download video content, we will get detailed information about some such techniques for YouTube video download here..

How Google makes money from youtube

YouTube video download
YouTube video download

Google, which is the parent organization of YouTube, makes money from online advertising and provides free video content in the form of YouTube. When we watch a video on YouTube, we all have to see the advertising shown there.

And because of this, Google earns money, so if we start watching videos by downloading offline on our computer or mobile, then there cannot be advertising there, and also google will not be able to earn money.

That’s why there is no such app on the Google Play store that downloads YouTube videos (even if it is, Google removes it from there). With this, it is clearly written in the YouTube videos offline FAQs that we cannot download the video on the computer.

Is it Legal to Youtube video download

If we download and watch offline on the phone or on the computer, then it is not illegal. If we have any way by which we can download the video, then probably there will be no complaint about it.

But you probably know that whatever videos are published on YouTube, Google itself does not create them. YouTubers make and publish them so that they can earn, so if we download videos and watch them offline, then they cannot earn money.

Now since the original content has been created by someone else and we are downloading and using it, then Google does not have any problem with it, but if we try to monetize that content by uploading it to our YouTube channel, then google may impose a copyright strike on youtube channel.

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Simple Trick of Youtube video download

YouTube video download
YouTube video download

Downloading any content is not easy, but now we have applications with so many different features.These are one of the most popular applications that download videos from YouTube and save them in our local drive.

Tubemate application first became popular for downloading YouTube videos on Android Phone. Once upon a time this application was installed in everyone’s phone, we used to download videos with the help of this. But now maybe not possible.

After this came Snaptube which not only can download videos from YouTube but all popular video streaming channels like Facebook, Instagram, twitter. Through this, content can be easily downloaded on the phone.

Youtube Video Download

Now we are going to tell you the name of such a site, with the help of which you can download any YouTube video in a few seconds, the youtube video download website is YTMP3.

YouTube video download
YouTube video download

In this site, you have to enter the URL of the YouTube video you are downloading and after that if you want to download only the voice given in that video then select mp3 then and if you want to download full video then select mp4 and then click on convert tab, after that you can download the audio/video you want.

Disclaimer:- This above given information is only for knowledge purpose. It is recommended that never try to use download site. Google may restrict your website or impose a copyright strike on your channel, if you use another person content and piracy is a severe offence as per indian judicial laws.

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