Windows 11 download complete setup guide for windows lover

Windows 11 Download & Install: If you are searching about windows 11 download, then you are in the right place, Microsoft keeps updating the RAM and in the new update, the users get many features like
Users get Cortana which is a virtual computer assistant so that you can give any command to your computer or get it done any work.

Similarly, App Store is also included in this, and many more features like the menu bar, icons, messaging apps, etc. are available in this new update. Users get it, apart from this, when updating Windows, the security program is also updated in it, so that your. The device becomes completely secure with this.

What is Windows 11 download

Software and hardware are used to run the computer, all the people know about the hardware, the software is a program by using which the computer is run or any type of work like in photo editing, video editing, etc. Software is used. The computer has Windows and Linux Operating System (OS), that any device such as mobile, Operating system is there in computer, etc. If you use android mobile then it is on the android operating system.

Similarly, windows OS remains on the computer and new updates keep happening, computer users were first given Windows XP operating system was available which was upgraded, and then Windows 8, 8.1, and later Windows 10. The operating system came and most of the people are using it but now Microsoft has also announced Windows 11. In which users will get features like Stylish Menu Bar, Beautiful Icon etc.

Features of Windows 11 download

Windows 11 download complete setup guide
Windows 11 download complete setup guide

Microsoft has added many Popular features in windows 11 download, so let’s know these popular features.

Start Menuwindows 11 downlaod

In this window, the start menu will not be in the left but in the center and all the options will be visible in the center, this will give the beautiful look. Users will also get new options in the start menu, using which they can do many things.

Stylish Taskbar – windows 11 download

In this, the taskbar has been made stylish and attractive, in the previous Windows, the icons of the taskbar left and Used to be found in the right but now all the icons will be visible in the center which will also look very nice and this will give the look of your device.

Multi-Taskingwindows 11 download

Mobile users will be aware of multitasking, doing multitasking in almost all smartphones.
It can be said in simple words, whenever you open an app on mobile and if that app or game is open, then open another app, after opening any page other than the app or game, open the new page doing it is called multitasking, A similar feature is also there in the Windows operating system, which many users do not know about, in this users will be able to do many things on the same screen, that is, you can simultaneously run 2 programs or more programs on the screen simultaneously can run.

Gaming Experiencewindows 11 download

It supports High Definition games, it supports Auto HDR so that users can run many high-performance games on PC, apart from this, Windows 11 also has the feature of XBOX App, so that if you like playing XBOX games, then you can play many Xbox games in it.

Cortanawindows 11 download

The cortana virtual assistant is included in Windows 11, to use which is to use the microphone It happens that it is a virtual assistant that can do any work on the computer by giving commands.

How to windows 11 download on PC

Windows 11 is in a lot of headlines even before its launch and many people have discussed it on social media. Want that from where will you download windows 11 and it will be free or will it have to be bought and whether Windows 10 users will download it, You will be able to upgrade for free, all these questions have been answered, Mircrosoft has shared all the information about Windows 11. In which it has been told that how fast the PC’s processor should be to use it, also about the Graphics card, Ram and Rom. It has been told that Windows 11 is not yet officially launched.

It can be used through the Microsoft Insider program, as you must know that users in android apps
Beta program option is available, using this option beta users can install any app before other people.
In this way, efforts are made to remove the shortcomings of the app and whether the new update is being liked by the users or not. This is also known from the beta program, just like the android beta program, the Windows insider program is also understood in the computer. Yes, you can upgrade windows 10 using this.

System requirements for Windows 11 download

  • Processor – To run Windows Windows computer processor at least 1 Ghz or Faster with 2 Core Processor
  • Ram – To use this Windows PC’s RAM should be at least 4GB.
  • Hard disk Or Rom – The hard disk size of PC should be more than 64GB.
  • Display – High Definition Display should be 720 pixels or more.
  • Graphic Card – Compatible with DirectX 12 and WDDM 2.0 Driver.

How to download and install windows 11 download

If your pc has windows 10 then you can easily upgrade it to windows 11 and it is absolutely free for which any There is no charge of any kind, you can upgrade your computer’s Windows by following some steps here.

Windows 11 download complete setup guide
Windows 11 download
  • First of all open your computer, here windows icon will appear, click on this icon, many options will be visible now Out of which click on the setting icon.
  • Now you will reach the computer settings, there will be many options, out of which click on the option with Update & Security.
  • After this you will see an option with windows insider program, click on this option, Insider program In this you have to click on the option with get started
  • Now you will see the Link a account option, on clicking on it, you will have to select the microsoft account.
  • It will be said that if you are logged in with microsoft account, if you do not have an account in it, then first create your microsoft account and then click on continue option.
  • After this you will see the option of pick your insider setting, click on Confirm.
  • After this, you will be told about the Windows Insider program and if you want to know about its privacy statement, you can read about it by clicking on it, then click on the confirm option.
  • Now you will be asked to restart the computer, click on the Restart Now option.
  • After this the process of Windows Update will start running, after the process is complete, the PC will open and a new dashboard will appear.

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