What is jharbhoomi land record system 2021

Jharbhoomi Portal: Gone are the days when land owners had to travel from office to office in India and wait for hours to get information related to land. Besides being extremely inconvenient for customers, the physical nature of data-handling also encouraged fraud. To avoid this, India started digitizing the records related to the land.

What is Jharbhoomi Land Record System

What is Jharbhoomi Land Record System
What is Jharbhoomi Land Record System

The name of the online portal of the Revenue Department of Jharkhand is Jharbhoomi, which contains the online records of land, which facilitates the purchase of land and limits the scope of wrongdoing.

Apart from accessing various types of land-related information on the portal, users can also use the platform to pay their land tax. Not only did this system benefit the farmers and land owners and they were able to access various types of data but it also helps the potential buyers and investors of such land by providing important information about the ownership of the land.

It is important to mention here that those who are planning to buy land in rural parts of Jharkhand can visit the Jharbhoomi website and verify the information provided by the land owner.

Purpose of Jharbhoomi Portal

Below are some of the documents that users can view on the Jharbhoomi portal:

1. Land Record Details
2. Mutation Documents
3. Revenue and Registry Records
4. Record of Change of Ownership of a Land Parcel
5. Land Transfer
6. Tax Lagaan Payment
7. Revenue Update

According to KK Soen, Secretary of Jharkhand Revenue and Land Reforms Department, the service was envisioned to provide better and hassle-free public service.

The purpose of this service (behind the launch of the Jharbhoomi portal) is to keep it as far away from the physical office as possible so that people can get their work done without going to the officials. “Before the launch of the portal in March 2016, employees of the revenue department could only issue acknowledgment receipts at the end of the year,” he said.

On which devices will the Jharbhoomi portal run

Users can run this portal on their web browser and Android mobile application.

How to Login

  • Go to the portal of Jharbhoomi and click on Login button. You will see this on the left hand side of the page.
  • After this you will reach a new page.
  • Choose the option according to your need and proceed. For information, we are choosing the option of mutation i.e. reject filing.
  • Fill the required information and proceed.

How to get land record online in Jharkhand

What is Jharbhoomi Land Record System
What is Jharbhoomi Land Record System

To check the land records, visit the official website of Jharbhoomi at jharbhoomi.nic.in. After that follow this process.

  • Visit the official https://jharbhoomi.nic.in/jhrlrmsmis/, and click on the View Your Account tab.
  • A digital map showing the districts will appear in the page that appears. Select the district on the map where your land is located.
  • The block map will now appear on the screen. Select the block where the land is located.
  • Now in the page that will appear, you have to choose the land variety and light type from the dropdown menu.
  • You can view the document by selecting any one option which includes Mauja name, Mauja Khasra wise number, Khata number or Account holder name.
  • After selecting and giving information, click on the button of Search Account. On the screen, you will see the information related to the revenue record.

How to View Khasra Details on Jharbhoomi?

  • On the main website, click on the Khasra Wise Details tab.
  • On the next landing page, you have to fill all the information and press the register button.

What does Khasra means?

According to government records, each piece of land is allotted an identification number. In urban areas, it is called plot number, while in rural areas of the country it is called Khasra number or Khesra number. In other words, khasra number or khasra number is a plot or survey number, which is given to a piece of land in villages. In urban areas, plot numbers or survey numbers are allotted to the plots of land, which are equal to the Khasra numbers of the villages.

Under the Records of Rights, which in common parlance is called Jamabandi or Fard, the Khasra Number contains much such information, which is maintained by the states. Khasra number is necessary to get any information about a piece of land in rural India. There can be multiple owners of a piece of land. A Mauja, on the other hand, is a type of administrative district.

What is khata number?

Khata number is the account number that is allotted to a family and it shows the amount of land owned by a family. Apart from giving the information of the owners, the account number also tells how much land they have. To check land records online on Jharbhumi, you have to use the Khata number or Khatauni number, or both to view documents.

What is Khatauni Number?

Khatauni gives information about the pattern of land-holding in a family. The pieces of land can be together and also at different places. Khatauni is a legal document, which gives information related to the land, its Khasra number, how many people are its owners, total area, etc. Khatauni also contains the details of all the Khasras owned by a landowner. In other words, Khatauni is the record of all the Khasras owned by a family. It can also be seen as a register of people cultivating or occupying the land.

What is mutation?

Once the property registration is completed by the buyer, the responsibility arises to record the new information in the revenue records. Property mutation is the process through which this is done. In different states, the process has different names. In Uttar Pradesh, for example, the process is known as dakhil-khariz (admission-loop).

How to pay lagaan online?

Visit the official web portal and click on the tab of Online Lagaan. Now click on ‘Bakaya Dekhein’ to check the pending Lagaan. After filling in the names of District, Halka, Aanchal, and Mauja, users can see their dues. If the user wants to make an online payment, then he has to go back and click on the option of Online payment. You will have to fill in the same details again to go ahead. On this main page, users will also get the option to view their past payment records.

How to file complaint on Jharbhoomi?

If you have any complaints then you can file them on the Jharbhoomi portal.

  • Go to the main website and click on Revenue and Land Reforms Public Grievance Portal.
  • Fill the required details along with the complaint and press the submit button.

How to register as Khatian?

  • Click on the tab of See Account & Register II on the Jharbhoomi portal.
  • Select Khatian and fill other details like district name, area name, land type and account number
  • Now click on the button of Khatian.

What is Register-II

What is Jharbhoomi Land Record System
What is Jharbhoomi Land Record System

In August 2020, all the zonal offices were instructed by the state government to upload all the information entered in register-II on the Jharbhoomi portal as soon as possible. In Jharbhoomi portal, Register-II contains information about the land, its type, Jamabandi number, Khesra number, account number etc.

How to register as Register II?

  • Click on the tab of See Account & Register-II on the Jharbhoomi portal.
  • Select Register-II and fill other details like district name, area name and account number.
  • Click on Register II button.

How to use Jharbhoomi Portal for Online Tax Payment?

Let me tell you about how to pay tax online on the Jharbhoomi portal.

  • On the homepage of the website, click on Online Lagaan and press Pay Online.
  • Fill the required details and make the payment using the online gateway.

How to check application status on Jharkhand?

  • Click on Apply Online on Jharbhoomi Portal.
  • Registered users use your e-mail id and password to login. Whereas unregistered users have to click on the tab of registration.

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