What is E Pass | How e-pass made | know all the information related to e pass 2021

E Pass: The country saw a complete lockdown in 2020 and 2021, in which people were appealed to stop wherever they are. During this, a lot of chaos was also seen in the country and people were reaching their homes with whatever means they were getting. In the meantime, we got to hear a word very much, whose name was E pass.

Our today’s article is based on e pass. In this article, we will provide you with all the information related to e-pass. So let’s start today’s article What is e pass?

If you also get stuck in such a situation and you want to go home, then you have another option which is known as e-pass. Yes, you can go from one state to another through an e pass towards your homes.

For this, you have to get an e-pass. But not many people know how this e-pass will be made, how long it will be made, or what is its process. So today we are going to tell you in this article how you can apply for an e pass.

What is E Pass

what is e pass
what is e pass

E pass is a type of document which is given by the government authority, with the help of this you can travel in any type of situation. Whether there is curfew or lockdown.

How to get an E pass

what is e pass
what is e-pass

To get the e-pass, you must first go to the official Lockdown E-PASS website of your state. By going here you click on Apply. After this, you will have to give information about why you need an e-pass. Along with this, different information is being sought from different states.

After filling in this information, you can proceed further by clicking on the submit button. After this, you may also be asked for a phone number and your name and mail id. Fill this also and submit.

How authorities approve E pass

what is e pass
what is e pass

After the information given by you in the process of e-pass, the local police will get the application checked and if the information given by you in the investigation is correct then you will be issued an e-pass. Otherwise, it will be canceled.

On the other hand, if you have made some mistake while applying, then you can go to the local police station and get your mistakes rectified. After filling the application form for the issuance of an e pass, you will be given a unique ID. After this, with the help of this ID, you can also check the status or status of your application.

The process to print e pass

After the e-pass is issued or approved, a message will be sent to the phone number given in your application. You can also print it if you want. After this, if you want, you can come to your homes. Let us tell you that many states have also given WhatsApp numbers for issuing e-pass. Under this, you can get your e-pass (apply for an e-pass for lockdown via WhatsApp) issued by doing WhatsApp. Let us tell you that the Delhi government is not only giving e-pass through the website, as well as WhatsApp numbers have also been issued for this.


Where can I apply for a travel pass?

You can either contact the District Magistrate’s office or apply for e pass online at serviceonline.gov.in

I want to apply for an e pass. What are the documents that are required?

– Basic details like name, age, gender, date of birth
– Identity proof like Aadhaar card, passport number
– Address you are traveling from and to
– Vehicle number and license number
– Date of travel, and date of the return (if applicable)
– States also ask for details like whether the concerned person has been quarantined or shown corona virus symptoms in the recent past.

Can states ban my entry even if I have a travel pass?

Yes, this is possible and completely at the state’s discretion.

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