What is Corn Flour in hindi 2022

Corn Flour in hindi: Who does not know corn flour, those who like to eat crispy fried recipes, they know corn flour very well. There is just a slight difference between corn flour and maize flour. Today we are giving information about corn flour in Hindi. You read the given information carefully and read the difference and preparation method carefully.

Corn flour is also known as corn starch, while maize flour is called cornmeal flour or maize flour. Corn flour is used in savory dishes like crispy chicken fries, tikkis and for thickening thin gravies. Especially cornflour is used in Chinese recipes. At the same time, it is also used in Gulab Jamun, Rasgulla and fried recipes.

Difference between corn flour and maize flour

Now let’s talk about making corn flour, then corn flour is made from corn starch and its peel is removed and the color of corn flour is white or light yellow. It is fine like fine flour and smooth when taken on the fingers. Now let’s talk about maize flour, it is ground after peeling and it is yellow in colour.

Now you must have understood what is cornflour? Now we are telling which flower to make at home. You can buy it from the market if you want. It is easily available at any shop.

How to make Corn flour in hindi

To make corn flour in Hindi, first wash the maize 2-3 times with water. Now put corn and water in a bowl and keep it soaked for one night. On the second day, the maize will be puffed, then separate the water and put maize and some water in the mixie jar and rotate the mixer. Thin mixture is ready.

What is Corn Flour in hindi
What is Corn Flour in hindi

Now place a thin cloth over the bowl and filter the thin mixture with a cloth. Separate the mixture on top of the cloth and keep the filtered mixture in such a place that the bowl can be shaken. After a few hours the thick paste will settle at the bottom of the bowl and water will remain on top, carefully drain the water.

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Now leave the thick mixture to dry in the sun. When the mixture dries well, put it in the mixer and make a fine powder. Sieve the powder with a fine sieve and fill it in a dry box. Corn floor is ready, now you can use it for the recipe.

How to keep corn flour in hindi

Special attention has to be paid to the maintenance of corn flour like while putting it in the box, the box should be air tight and should be dry and clean. While removing the cornflour, the spoon should be dry and do not keep it in a moist place.

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