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Universal Travel Pass Online Registration, Login, Status Check:At a time when the corona virus was rapidly spreading, various guidelines were issued in different states to stop the spread. The Government of Maharashtra launched the online registration form for Universal Travel Pass 2022. Many other states, including Maharashtra have also started Universal Travel Pass forms. Many people in India have had both the corona and the polio vaccines. People who have received both doses can apply for a Universal Travel Pass. They will be able to travel anywhere they want.

You can also apply for Universal Travelling Pass online at epassmsdma.mahit.org. Once you have completed this, you will be issued a UTP that allows you to travel anywhere. The Universal Travelling Pass facility is available to citizens in order to travel, as per the COVID-19 guidelines of Railways and Government of Maharashtra. You can now download the Universal Travel Pass by following these steps.

What is Universal Travel Pass

This pass allows you to travel freely and without restrictions. According to the Railway Department and government, this pass is required in order to get a ticket. This pass can be obtained if you have had both doses of Covid-19 vaccination. This news is also for you if you want to apply for the pass. These are the steps to apply for Universal Travel Pass.

What is Universal Travel Pass
What is Universal Travel Pass

The Railway Department and government have made it clear that citizens without a universal pass cannot use tickets. You can scan the QR code in Universal Travel Pass to get all information about a citizen. The Universal pass will provide better services to citizens when it comes to obtaining tickets or travelling within the state.

Eligibility Criteria for Universal Travel Pass

  • To apply for UTP, you must be a resident in Maharashtra
  • UTP is not available to children
  • UTP is only available to those who work in the public, educational, or medical sectors.
  • To apply for UTP, you must be eligible in the categories and subcategories listed.
  • You must have all necessary data to register for UTP.

Features of Universal Travel Pass

    People who have had both corona and tetanus vaccines can travel by local train under the permission of the Disaster Management, Relief & Rehabilitation Department, Government of Maharashtra The offline inspection at Mumbai railway stations of vaccination certificates was the first step in distributing railway passes.
    Online e-pass now available To facilitate this, the administration set up epassmsdma.mahit.org. This link was created by the Disaster Management, Relief & Rehabilitation Department, Government of Maharashtra in order to provide e-pass for employees involved in essential services.

    Data available on Universal Travel Pass

    • Name of the Universal Pass-holder
    • Gender of UTP holder
    • Holder of the UTP Age
    • Photo of the UTP holder
    • Travel category level
    • The beneficiary ID of the applicant
    • QR code
    • Date of the second and first doses of covid vaccine

    Process for Universal Travel Pass Online Registration 2022

    • To get the UTP you have to first go to the official website of epassmsdma.mahit.org.
    • Next, you will need to select Universal Pass option. This option is only available to citizens who have taken both doses.
    • Enter your phone number here. After that, an OTP will be sent to your number.
    • The best part is that epassmsdma.mahit.org automatically obtains all information, including the date you require.
    • Click on the Generate Pass button to apply for UTP. Your registration will then be complete.

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