Top 10 richest countries in the world for 2023 revealed – see where your country ranks!

Top 10 richest countries in the world: Countries such as America, Qatar, Norway and others are among the world’s richest regions; however a small region still sits atop this list. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita is an indicator of income per person in a given nation and provides accurate information regarding wealth distribution; however it cannot accurately reflect price structure or per-person income. When ranking countries according to wealth distribution, various elements like price structure or per person income must also be taken into consideration; renting an apartment in wealthy nations would cost $500 per month while those with low income could rent a palace for the same amount.

Top 10 richest countries in the world

Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, one of Western Europe’s smallest countries, ranks highly. This landlocked nation borders Belgium, Germany and France on three sides with Luxembourgish serving as its official language; French and German also being used in Judicial and administrative matters. Although only 2586 square kilometers in size, Luxembourg boasts one of Europe’s highest GDP per person rates at $US119,000 as of 2013. Furthermore, as one of its founding members to OECD, United Nations, and Benelux organizations it enjoys international recognition beyond its small population stats alone.

Top 10 Richest Countries in the world List 2023

India may boast a high GDP, but its population is enormous. To qualify as one of the richest nations around, its population must be significantly less. This report lists the 10 wealthiest nations around the world by GDP.

Luxemburg: richest countries in the world

Luxemburg ranks highly with a GDP per head of 140,694 dollars and 645,397 residents. The country produces an impressive amount of steel, while major companies such as Amazon and Skype have offices here.

Singapore: richest countries in the world

Singapore ranks second on this list with a per capita GDP of 131,425. The country enjoys low tax rates and is home to the Asia-Pacific Economic Corporation. With an estimated population of 5,453,566 people, it’s one of the wealthiest nations in Asia.

Ireland: richest countries in the world

Ireland ranks 3rd on this list but is the leading destination for direct foreign investment. With a GDP per capita of 131,034 in Ireland, this country focuses on high-tech financial and life sciences services for better development. Moreover, their economy has experienced rapid growth over the last 10 years with only a quarter decrease in GDP over this time frame.

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Qatar: richest countries in the world

A country known for its natural gas and petroleum reserves accounts for more than 70% of government revenue. Qatar earns around 85% of its income through exports, contributing 60% of GDP. With an impressive 113,675 dollars of GDP per capita, it’s no surprise that it’s the second highest natural gas exporter globally.

Switzerland: richest countries in the world

Switzerland occupies the fifth spot on this list with an annual gross domestic product of 84,469 USD. Though a small country, Switzerland is one of Europe’s wealthiest regions – home to millions of people living here. Established in 1848, Switzerland’s rapid development since then has been remarkable.

Norway: richest countries in the world

Norway was the biggest oil exporter in the world with a per capita GDP of 78.128 dollars. It had the poorest economy of all three Scandinavian kingdoms and relied heavily on timber, agriculture and fishing for its livelihood.

United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates took the seventh spot on the rankings with a GDP per capita of 77.272 USD, making it the fifth-largest Middle Eastern region. The majority of their revenues come from natural gas and petroleum exploration while tourism provides one major source of income.

United States

In the United States, female income has seen a rapid rise since 1970s. Per capita, GDP in this country stands at 75,180 dollars; as of 2019, highest household income stood at 103,012 dollars with over 60% households having two or more wage earners.


Brunei is a small nation situated on the northern shore of Borneo Island within Asia. Most citizens are under thirty years old. The country derives its income from petroleum reserves and natural gas resources.

San Marino

San Marino ranks ten on this list. It derives its revenues through banking, tourism, and the production of clothing, furniture, fabrics paints spirits tiles ceramics tiles and wine.

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