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Satta King is a popular game mainly in India. This game is considered as a lottery based game. This Satta King game comes under the category of “Gambling”. And the real name of this game is “Satta Matka”. Nowadays people call it “Satta King”. There is a history behind the name Satka Matka, when a person draws a number from the matka and wins, he is called a “Satta King”. From the day this game became popular, people have started calling it as Satta King.

Satta king

In Kalyan Satta first you have to choose a number between one and one hundred. These numbers are also divided into different games like DESAWAR, and GALI. Satta Matka Bazaar is actually known as a pair. Let us tell you that we talk about the main game on this page. So pick a number from one to one hundred and get in touch with your booking now. Now call your bookmaker on your number. The bookmaker will note down the number and amount associated with the number.

satta king
satta king

Now after the next day the result of the game Satta Matka King will be released on time. If you get the required number then you will surely win 70 times of the money invested by your bookie. And you already know how this Satta Matka game works. The important thing to tell you is this. That Power King is all about your destiny.

What is SATTA KING Game?

This site is one of the leading websites in the market of SATTA. We update all the results of Kalyan Satta game very fast which is the reason for the rapid growth of our audience. If you are one of those people who always want Satta King Result on their mobile and others keep visiting our website (kalyan chart) because we update all Setka Matka game very fast on our website. We can also see the record charts of all those sports on this page, due to which the charts have been added to our site.


Setka Matka games are as simple as playing. Before playing this game you need to know some easy steps. Satta game is a number-based game and the result of this Matka Bajar game completely depends on the number that gives the number result. This Satta Matka Bazaar game is very simple and easy to play. By which you can play this Satta game (kalyan chart) online or offline any where you have to go to good place to play offline and in online mode you have to download any app of Mera Satta King game application.

Due to which you will get almost the same in both the process. And now you have to select some numbers from 00 to 99 and the bid will be placed on the selected numbers of satta king game accordingly. Then you have to wait for the result of that match. If your result (kalyan chart) is one of the selected numbers, you will get 85% bid on that number which will then appear in front of you as result. The process of playing the Satta Matka Bazaar game is so simple that this game adds to the popularity of Satta.

Who is the owner of Satta Matka?

Some sources reveal that the owners of Satta matka are Ratan Khatri, Kalyanji Bhagat and Suresh Bhagat.

How much money do you make betting?

In Satta Matka (Mera Satta King) you have to bid on a number between 0 to 9 and the money invested in it is multiplied by 10. If you put 100 rupees on any number, you will get 100 × 10 i.e. 1000 rupees.

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