Mid Day Meal Yojana 2022 | Objective and Benefit of Midday meal Scheme

MId Day Meal: In our country, a large number of children study in government schools only because half of the population of our country is living below the poverty line, so they do not have enough money to raise their children in a good school. That is why the government spends a lot of money in all the government schools of the country so that more and more children can get an education, which is also our constitutional right, the government started Midday Meal Yojana so that the children who do not want to come to schools can come to school.

Under the mid-day meal scheme, children will be given free food in all government schools so that children from poor families can come to school and get food along with studies, so that the government will also be able to bring children to school and children will get to eat for free.

Mid Day Meal Yojana 2021
Mid Day Meal Yojana 2022

Here the scheme is very popular for the last few years as long as free food is being provided under this scheme in government schools of all the states of the country and this scheme is getting a lot of success, poor children are now coming to school.

Here we are giving you some important information about the Mid Day Meal Scheme, which is very important for you to know, we will tell you why it was started and for how long it will last.

Midday Meal Yojana

Mid Day Meal Scheme is a school meal program of the Government of India designed to improve the nutritional outlook of school children nationwide.

Mid Day Meal Yojana 2021
Mid Day Meal Yojana 2022

Program supported under Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan in government, government-aided, local bodies, education guarantee scheme and alternative education centres, madrassas and maqtabs, and National Child Labor Project free of charge on working days for children in primary and upper primary classes in schools Lunch supplies. It is run by the Ministry of Labor.

Mid Day Meal 2022

Serving 120,000,000 children in more than 12 lakh schools and education guarantee scheme centers, this is the biggest scheme of its kind in the world and more work will be done under this scheme in the times to come.

This scheme was first started by the state of Tamil Nadu, after that, it was started by the central government in the entire state of the country, and in today’s time, it is one of the biggest schemes run by the government, under which crores of people across the country. Children are being given benefits. The scheme was first started in 1995.

Objective of Mid Day Meal Yojana

Mid Day Meal Yojana 2022
Mid Day Meal Yojana 2022
  • Children should be given food in the school itself so that it helps them to concentrate on studies.
  • More children will come to study in a school.
  • This scheme will help the government to increase the attendance in government schools.
  • Under the Midday Meal Yojana, small children will get enough food, which will keep their health good. And when children study less ill, they will be able to concentrate on their studies.

Benefit of Mid Day Meal

  • Avoid classroom hunger.
  • Increase school enrolment.
  • Increase school attendance.
  • Improve socialisation among castes.
  • Remove malnutrition.

What type of food will be given

  • Free supply of food grains at the rate of 100 grams per school per day in upper primary and 150 grams per day per child at upper primary level.
  • Subsidy for transportation of food grains is provided to 11 special category states at the PDS rate prevailing in these states and up to a maximum of Rs.75.00 per quintal for other than special category states/UTs
  • Apart from food grains, a mid day meal includes major inputs viz. Cost of cooking, which is explained below The cost of cooking includes the cost of ingredients e.g. Pulses, vegetables, cooking oil and spices. The cooking cost has been revised annually since 2010, to cover the impact of price increases in the items consumed in the MDM basket.

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