Live Corona update on Coronavirus outbreak in 2022: PM warns against complacency and advises for strict vigilance

Covid BF7 variant LIVE Corona update: Thursday’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi warned against complacency, and advised that the country keep a close eye on Covid cases in China. The virus continues to spread through Shanghai’s 25 million population, months after it was stopped by a severe lockdown. Hospitals are having trouble handling the infected patients. Pharmacies are refusing to accept customers empty-handed. Businesses are closing down because of staff sickness. Public transport usage is dropping.

PM Modi was informed during the Covid19 high-level meeting that adequate supplies of medicines, vaccines, and hospital beds are available. He recommended that the PMO monitors the prices and availability of essential medicines.

PM recommends that you adhere to Covid-appropriate behavior, including wearing a mask. It stresses the importance of taking precaution doses for elderly and vulnerable groups.

The Covid19 virus has been discovered in India In the wake of the discovery of 185 new cases corona virus in India within a single day, the number patients infected within the country has grown to 4,466,76,515. whereas the number of patients infected is now 3,402. Let me tell you that following China and Japan there is a brand new type of Corona is also being seen in India. Corona new variant) This new variant is BF 7 which has spread terror across China. As per WHO, BF 7 is the most widely spread variant of Corona to date.

According to data the national rate of healing for people suffering from Kovid-19 of India is 98.80 percent. As of now the total number of 4,41,424,432 patients have been cured of infection in India, and the Kovid-19 death rate is 1.19%.

According to the official website that is maintained by the Ministry of Health, 220 cr doses of anti-Covid-19 vaccinations have been administered to date under the current vaccination campaign that is taking place across the country.

China is witnessing another Covid-19 surge. The current increase in Covid-19-related infections in China is thought to be caused through Omicron Sub-variant BF.7. Four instances that are of this BF.7 variant were found in India as of now. There have been two cases discovered in Gujarat and two cases from Odisha. This sub-variant has been discovered in other countries, including Germany, Belgium, France, Denmark, The US and the UK.

What we know so far

It is believed that the BF.7 is one of the sub-lineages from BA.5, the Omicron variation BA.5. According to PTI It is a highly transmissible type with an incubation time that is shorter. Also, this variant has greater ability to cause re-infections, and even infect vaccine-vaccinated people.

corona update
corona update

According to a research study published in the journal Cell Host and Microbe’, the BF.7variant is 4.4-fold greater immunity to neutralization than the initial Wuhan virus. This implies that the antibodies generated by the vaccination aren’t strong enough to fight the virus.

Symptoms of Omicron BF.7 variant

The new form of the virus has symptoms that are similar to those of an upper respiratory infections, including sore throat, fever, cough, and runny nose.


With the Christmas as well as New Year celebrations are around the corner, it’s more vital than ever to observe covid-friendly behavior. The wearing of a mask as well as hand washing and social distancing remain the essential actions that will help to prevent the spread of.

Cough, cold and other seasonal ailments are not uncommon during the winter times in India. But it is important to not avoid these signs. If you or anyone around suffer from the symptoms mentioned above take an Covid test right away and perform self-isolation exercises.

What’s the situation like in India?

The variant BF.7 has been reported in four instances. BF.7 version have been discovered in India until this point. The Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya urged people to adopt a Covid-adjusted behavior. “COVID is not yet over. I’ve urged all parties to be vigilant and increase surveillance. We’re ready to handle any circumstance,” he wrote in an tweet.

Presently, China, Japan, South Korea, France and the United States have been reporting an alarming rise in cases of Covid-19.

State wise Corona Updates

Here, we are going to tell you corona updates from each state with numbers, so that you may know what whats happening in your area.

State NameActive Cases in last 24 hrs
MP Corona Update4
CG Corona Update7
UP Corona Update5
Himachal Corona Update7
Haryana Corona Update3
Corona Update Uttarakhand2
Corona Update Gujarat9
Corona Update Jharkhand1
Kerala Corona Update61
Maharashtra Corona Update38
Karnataka Corona Update17
Tamilnadu Corona Update7
Andhra Pradesh Corona Update2
West Bengal Corona Update7
Delhi Corona Update18
Odisha Corona Update9
Rajasthan Corona Update21
Bihar Corona Update1
Telangana Corona Update13
Punjab Corona Update15
Assam Corona Update1
Jammu and Kashmir Corona Update2
Goa Corona Update3
Chandigarh Corona Update1
Manipur Corona Update0
Last Update on 31/12/2022

Covid India Update

Passenger screened on Airport15,24,266
Active Cases3609
Total Samples Tested91,05,78,181
AarogyaApp Download Count21,82,00,000
Total Vaccinations2200914546
Data updated as on 31/12/2022

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