Call and send messages to anyone without revealing your real number, know how | Text me app 2021

Text me App: There was a time when many things related to technology seemed impossible to people. Now take the mobile phone itself. When it was the era of letters, hardly anyone would have thought that a day would come when people would use mobiles and send messages to someone in a hurry, they would call and they would immediately answer the message by reading or calling.

How to call & message without revealing your number

Today technology has evolved so much that nothing is impossible and the biggest thing is that technology has also maintained our privacy. It usually happens that if you call someone or send a message, then that person goes to your number, But just imagine that if you want to maintain your privacy and want to message or call someone without giving your mobile number then is it possible? So the answer is- yes. Let’s know about it.

Step by step guide | Text me app

To call or send a message to anyone without revealing your real number, you must first download an app named Text Me from Google Play Store on your Android phone. After this, you will get an option, in which you can register by entering the number which you want to show in lieu of your original number.

text me app
text me app

After registration, whoever you call with your mobile number, your real number will not be shown on the mobile, but the number which you have registered on the app. Even if you send a message from your real number, he will not be able to know your number.

The special thing is that in Text Me app you can use multiple mobile numbers simultaneously. However, the problem is that for using more than one number, you have to pay a small fee every month.

With the help of this app, you can also make free calls and send messages to anyone, but this feature is currently available in only a few countries, including the US. Photos and videos are also available in this app.

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