How to vote without Voter ID in 2023

How to vote without Voter ID: The election is the most important celebration of a democratic society. The majority of people are armed with the weapon of the vote, with which they can express their opinions. The right to vote is vital to our democratic process and one of the rights of each citizen. The person you elect by voting, as well as solving your issues and implementing all the regulations and rules.(How to vote without Voter ID)

You need an ID card to vote. However, there are many people that do not have an ID for any reason. Tell us what you can do to vote even if the fact that you don’t have a voter ID.

What do you first do if you do not have a voter ID

How to vote without Voter ID
How to vote without Voter ID

In the first place, it is essential to ensure that the name of your registered voter is listed on your voter’s list. If your name isn’t registered, then Form-6 must be completed and sent to the electoral Registration Officer of your constituency. Once this is done, you will become added as a voter on the electoral roll. Form 6 is available in person or online.(How to vote without Voter ID)

If you don’t have a Voter ID What are the necessary documents to cast your vote

If you do not have a Voter ID You should have one of the eleven photos ID documents. You must show it prior to voting. The documents include passport I-card, driving license, or passport with a photo issued by Central State government, PSU or Public Limited Company, Passbook with photo issued by post office banks, PAN cards Smart cards given via RGI via NPR, MNREGA job card Smart health insurance card issued by the central government scheme pension document with photo for MP-MLA as well as MLC issued official I card, Aadhaar Card.(How to vote without Voter ID)

How to cast vote without voter id

If a person is able to get his name listed on the voters list, the voter’s certificate will be issued by the Election Commission. This confirms the inclusion of the voter’s name on the list of voters. You are able to vote without a Voter ID using any of the 11 identification cards along with this form. (How to vote without Voter ID) At the time of voting it is the Election Commission issues instructions regarding the requirement to show voter ID or any other evidence of identity.

Can you not be stopped from voting if you have a voter ID card

This isn’t the case. The fact that you have a voter ID doesn’t mean that you’re qualified to vote. For you to be eligible to your vote, it’s necessary to have your name on the list of voters. You are able to vote if you are in the voter list , and you have one of the obligatory ID documents according to the guidelines from the Election Commission.(How to vote without Voter ID)

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