How much is in 1 Million? million equal to how many lakhs

What is 1 million: It has been many years since the Internet came to India, but since 2016, most people have started using it, after that, you will see a word mostly on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, which is called Million. After all this word What does it mean and how much is in 1 Million. You will get all the complete information about how many zeros are there in a million in this post.

If you also use social media, then there you must have seen 5M Likes 2k Comments written in such a way that words like K or M are written in this way. Out of these, we understand the meaning of M, but according to Indian calculations, it becomes very important to know what a million means, so let us give you complete information about this in this post.

How much is 1 Million

The question of many people is that how much is in 1 million? So you will get the answer here in detail. Million is called 10 lakh in Hindi, so the question of you people was that how much is one million, then the answer is that one million is equal to 10 lakh and we can write it in numbers like this 1,000,000 and There are six zeros in a 1 million.

1 Million
What is 1 Million

To write Million in a simple way, in many places you find it written only as M and its meaning is also equal to 10 lakhs, if you see 5M written anywhere, then you should understand that it is 50 Lakh. Hope it is clear now.

Indian Counting Number System

Indian Counting Number System runs to count in India, which we also know in simple language as unit ten, hundred thousand etc., so below we have prepared a chart by looking at which you can understand it very well. What is called 1 lakh and how many zeros are there in 10 lakh or 10 crores.

Called in HindiCalled in EnglishIn DigitHow many Zero
दस हजारTen Thousand100004
लाखHundred Thousand1000005
दस लाखOne Million10000006
करोड़Ten Million100000007
दस करोड़One Hundred Million1000000008
अरबOne Billion10000000009
दस अरबTen Billion1000000000010
खरबHundred Billion10000000000011
दस खरबOne Trillion100000000000012
नीलTen Trillion1000000000000013
दस नीलHundred Trillion10000000000000014
पदमOne Quadrillion100000000000000015
दस पदमTen Quadrillion1000000000000000016
शंखHundred  Quadrillion10000000000000000017
दस शंखQuintillion100000000000000000018

How million, Billion and Trillion Calculate in Indian Currency

In today’s modern era people keep on changing their languages ​​like 10,000 (ten thousand) or 1,000 (one thousand) some people prefer to say 10K or 1K then if you are also one of those people At the same time, want to make changes in yourself. You can also use these words, but the problem comes that you do not know what is 1K Means or what is 1M Meaning, then we have tried to explain it well by making a chart below.

If you do not have much knowledge about such words, then you can see them, you will get complete information, in the chart we have explained to you the meaning of 1K as Indian Rupee.

K, M, Billion, TrillionIn Indian Currency
1K1,000 रुपए
10K10,000 रुपए
100K1 लाख रुपए
1M10 लाख रुपए
10M100 लाख रुपए / 1 करोड़ रुपए
100M10 करोड़ रुपए
1B100 करोड़ रुपए / 1 अरब / 1000 मिलियन रुपए
10B1000 करोड़ रुपए
100B10,000 करोड़ रुपए
1T1000 बिलियन रुपए / 10 खरब रुपए
10T1 मिलियन बिलियन रुपए


Many times you must have seen that in Facebook post, YouTube video views and likes, you get 1M, 2M, and so on up to 999M. After this the number counting changes and then after million it starts counting in billion. But many people have a question that how many lakhs are there in 1 Million? So the answer is – 1 Million has 10 Lakhs and when it comes to 10M, in India we call it one Crore because it becomes 100 Lakhs.

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