2 years in jail, 10-lakh fine! The punishment for flying kites without permission will blow your mind!

Flying Kites is a unique excitement. Makar Sankranti is nearing. On this day , there is the tradition of kite flying throughout the country. Kites can also be flown on the 15th August. However, do you realize that a permit can be required in order to flying kites? If you don’t have one, it’s illegal and you could be facing prison time and massive fines.

What is the fine if flying kites without permission

It might be a surprise to learn that you require a license to fly kites. That’s at least what the law states. In reality, flying kites in India is prohibited according to the Indian Aircraft Act 1934. Kites are only permitted to fly after you’ve obtained the necessary license. If you are in violation of rules and regulations, you could be jailed for up two years. Beyond that an amount of fine up to 10 lakh could be assessed.

Why flying kites could be a illegal

Flying Kites
Flying Kites

You might be wondering what is the lawful way to fly kites? The reason is that, under the law, it falls under the scope of aircraft. The definition in the Indian Aircraft Act 1934 of “aircraft” also includes kites. Kites as well as flying balloons and gliders also fall under the category of aircraft.

What Indian Aircraft Act 1934 Says

Know the provisions of the law that kite flying could also send you to imprisonment. In Section 11, the Indian Aircraft Act 1934 states”Whoever is knowingly flying an aircraft in a manner that causes injury to anyone or property that is located on land, in the air or on the water is punished by imprisonment of any type for a period which could last up to two years or with a fine that can be as high as 10 lakh rupees.

The punishment can be fine or both. In 2008, the law was modified, meaning that penalties and fines were raised. Before that the penalty was up to six months in prison and an amount of Rs 10,000 as a fine.

Kite flying without license may have to be heavy

The law that punishes reckless kite flying is old, going all the way back to British period, but the majority of people aren’t aware of the law. This is the reason kites are flies without licence. In addition there isn’t anything precise about where you can get the license. This license needs to be obtained from the Civil Aviation Authority.

In 2018, activists applied for a permit to fly kites on a massive size in conjunction with the Civil Aviation Authority. Their goal was to draw the attention of authorities and the public to the inconsistency in this law. In certain states, licenses can be obtained through the police station in your area.

Kite flying can be hazardous too

Kite flying can be a great source of excitement during Makar Sankranti, but it can also be hazardous. Sometimes, children or adults also fall off the roof during the process of taking kites. Some also use the deadly manjha to cut the kite strings of others. Particularly Chinese manjas are extremely risky. Every year because of being bitted by them. Sometimes, accidents occur due to hanging manjhas on the road.

In the event that these Chinese manjhas meet with bike riders the result is fatal. This is the reason why it is the National Green Tribunal has also prohibited Chinese manjhas. So, it is important to be aware when flying kites. In the event that Chinese manjha is being seized illegally, don’t buy it in any way.

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