Feni Alcohol Museum: The country’s first alcohol museum opens in Goa, the story of the 500-year-old famous liquor ‘Feni’ will be told here

Feni Alcohol Museum
Feni Alcohol Museum

First Feni Alcohol Museum: The first-ever alcohol museum in India has been opened in Goa. This place is considered to be the most favorite of partying and beach lovers. Through the museum, people will be given information about the culture and unique history here. It has been named ‘All About Alcohol‘. The museum is located in Candolim. This place is popular among tourists for the locally consumed ‘Feni’ liquor. Which is made from coconut or cashew fruit.

What will be shown here

Feni Alcohol Museum
Old wooden Dispenser

A one-of-a-kind museum in Candolim will tell the story of the 500-year-old Feni. The museum has centuries-old bottles of feni, utensils made of glass, old wooden dispensers, and information about the hidden history behind them. Speaking to news agency ANI, Nandan Kudchadkar, founder of the All About Alcohol Museum, said, “The purpose behind starting the museum is to tell the world the story of Goa’s rich heritage, especially Feni. Which is very much liked here.

Kudchadkar is also the owner of the club

A businessman by profession, Kudchadkar is fond of collecting antiques and is also the owner of Club LPK in Candolim. He says that he does not want to promote the habit of consuming alcohol, but has set up a gallery just to showcase the unique and rich heritage of making feni in Goa.

Armando Duarte, CEO of the Alcohol Museum, said, “In 2016, the government declared Feni a ‘Heritage Drink’. It is also necessary because many cultures have adopted their cultural drinks like champagne and vodka.

There are four rooms in the museum

Feni Alcohol Museum
Old wooden portrait

The museum is located about 10 km from Panaji on the north Goa beach connecting the tourist hub of Sinquerim and Candolim (All About Alcohol Museum Goa). It can also be recognized by a large board saying ‘All about alcohol’. Old earthen pots have been kept for exhibition in four rooms inside the museum (Indian Alcohol Museum). There are also measuring instruments from the 16th century, which were used when giving feni. Apart from this, an antique wooden shot dispenser is also present.

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