Fame India Scheme 2021 | Objective, Feature and Benefit

Fame India Scheme: Today our whole country is facing a problem which is air pollution, every year in our country a lot of people lose their lives due to pollution because the smoke coming out of vehicles and buses is not good for us at all and if we remain in contact with this smoke for a long time, then our health can become very bad. The central government has made a new scheme to reduce this smoke from important cities, which is called Fame India Yojana.

We will talk here that how the government can reduce the rising smoke in the city under this scheme and how the common citizens can be given relief.

Fame India Scheme 2021

If you live in a big city, then you will know very well how dangerous the smoke coming out of buses and vehicles is, especially for small children and elderly people, this smoke can prove to be fatal if exposed to it for a long time.

Fame India Scheme 2021
Fame India Scheme 2021

if explain to you in a simple way, then under this scheme, the central government is planning to run electric buses in those states where there is a lot of congestion and there is a lot of need for government buses.

Advantage of fame scheme

So that one will get convenience to the common people so that they will not have much problem in commuting and they will be able to go to their work very easily, the second advantage is going to be that where earlier diesel buses were run which That too much smoke was spread, that would also provide a solution because the electric bus runs completely on electricity, so there will be no smoke.

So that the people living in the city will also be able to get clean air and the quality of the air will also be good, if the government changes only these buses to electric buses, then it will help a lot in making the city air clean and the central government has started this fame scheme.

Key highlights of Fame India scheme 2021

Scheme NameFame India Scheme
Launched byGOI
Scheme PurposeEncourage for Electrical Vehicles
BeneficiaryIndian Residents

How much money is the government going to spend?

Whenever the government starts a scheme, then thousands of lakhs of rupees are spent on it, if only we talk about Fame India Yojana, then the central government is going to spend 10 thousand crores on it, which is It’s a huge amount.

But here let us tell you that this amount is going to be spent by the government, it has been made keeping in mind only one year, that is, 10 thousand crore rupees will be spent on this scheme in just one year and in the coming years. Expect to spend a lot more money on this within 5 years.

What are the benefits of this scheme?

After the arrival of Fame India Yojana, all the thousands of diesel-run buses in the city will be changed to electric buses, which is going to help in reducing pollution. This is the main core benefit of Fame India Scheme.

EV Charging Stations

On 20th July 2021, Krishna pal gurjar, Minister of State and Heavy Industry announced that 520 Electric charging stations will be installed for encouraging Electric vehicles. for this government will spend 43 crores for the same.

CityNumber of Charging Stations

How to apply for OEM product on Portal

If you want to apply for your OEM EV product under Fame India scheme then follow below procedure:

Fame India Scheme 2021
Fame India Scheme 2021
  • Visit the official portal of Fame India
  • On the home page you will see the option of OEM pre registration, click on it
  • OEM pre registration form will open in front of you.
  • Now fill all the details required in form carefully.
  • Attach required documents and enter the capcha code and submit the details.

How to see OEM products and Dealer list

Fame India Scheme 2021
Fame India Scheme 2021
  • Visit the official portal of Fame india
  • On the home page you will see the Scheme Option
  • As you select this option, you will see OEM and Dealer list, click on it
  • Another window will open, here you will see the option of OEM Product list and Dealers List.

Helpline Number

Customer Care01123063633
Email IDfame.india@gov.in

Important Links

Official portal Fame IndiaClick here
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