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KYM: Nowadays people do not have much trouble in choosing a smartphone for themselves, because now there are phones of all kinds and at every cost in the market. Whether you want to get a cheap or expensive phone according to your budget, just go to the shop and tell your budget and if you do not want to go to the shop then you can also buy online.

check your phone through kym
check your phone through kym

Most people use Amazon and Flipkart to buy mobile online because here you get the phone in every budget and during the sale, the prices get even lower. Although nowadays fake smartphones are also being sold a lot with the tag of branded companies.

In such a situation, it becomes very important to know whether the smartphone you are using is fake or not. Let’s know, what is the way to identify whether the phone is genuine or fake?

How to check the originality of your phone

The way to identify whether your mobile is real or fake is very easy. You can get this information through just one message. This method has been taken out by the Department of Telecommunication, with the help of which people can easily check the quality of their phone.

Process of KYM

If you also want to identify your phone, then for this, write KYM in your phone and then enter 15 digit IMEI number and send the message to 14422. The IMEI number is mentioned on the box of the mobile phone.

However, many people do not know the IMEI number of their devices. To know this you have to dial *#06#. You will know the IMEI number. Then send SMS. After this, you will get a message, in which all the information related to your phone will be present.

Is Your Smartphone Real Or Fake
Is Your Smartphone Real Or Fake

You can also check your phone using KYM-Know Your Mobile app. This will give you complete information about your phone, but if the IMEI number of the phone is not visible in this information or the block is written, then understand that your phone is fake.

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