Bangkok holidays can be very intense, so avoid these 6 things or you’ll be in trouble

Bangkok holidays: Before you travel it is important to know the details of the place. In order to completely enjoy your trip. Also, if you’re considering a trip to Bangkok in the near future, you’ve researched what you can do and see here. However, if you’re planning to go to Bangkok for the first time, being a tourist , it is important to first be aware of how to navigate the regulations and rules that apply here.

This country is very distinct from India. There’s as well a variety of differences in the culture and tradition in this country. In this scenario, a single error could hurt the feelings of the residents. Additionally it is possible to be punished for breaking the rules, which is not the case in Bangkok. We would like to know prior to your journey to Bangkok what items to avoid in Bangkok.

Never book a taxi parked in the parking lot

Taxis are lined up in parking areas near tourist destinations in Bangkok holidays. Naturally, it is easier to take taxis at one point. However, in Bangkok you should stay clear of the practice. Since taxi drivers that are parked in parking lots cost double the price. It is best to reserve taxis in advance.

In the King’s anthem, make sure to stand

If you’re located in Bangkok holidays You must pay respect to the monarchy. The King’s Anthem is played prior to when the film begins in Thailand cinemas, and everybody stands in honor of him. If you don’t follow this then you could be slammed.

Don’t sit next to the monk

Monks must adhere to the Buddhist monastic code of conduct. In this regard, they are not allowed to even touch women. If you’re a female and you are a woman, then you must sit approximately 1km away from monks.(Bangkok holidays)

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Do not carry passport

This tip will save you the trouble of having to go to the police station and the embassy. If you plan to explore Bangkok holidays don’t take your passport along with you. If you need to an original copy of the passport is sufficient.

Don’t wear skirts or shorts around the temples

Buddhism is the most important religion of Thailand. Similar to how we shouldn’t visit Indian temples in unflattering or short-sleeved clothing, we must also not wear such attire at temples in Thailand during Bangkok holidays. Whatever the temperature is, try to do not wear a top while walking the streets.

Do not step on Thai rupees

In India when the money has come through the feet, we take our feet into the markets, however it is not the scenario in Bangkok holidays. The feet in Thailand are thought to be the most sacrosanct part in the human body. The king’s image is touched through your feet is a sour taste to the feelings of the Thai people.

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