Our Missions…


Our Home Repair Strategy is 3-Fold…

1. H2O performs “Daily Missions” repairing homes on a routine basis throughout the year as long as resources are available.

2. H2O organizes one or more “Blitz Event” Missions during the year that unites all volunteers together for a 3-5 day work week. There is a special spirit-filled fellowship that happens when large groups of volunteers unite during a multi-day work event, which may not happen theessayclub.com https://writemyessayrapid.com/during the daily home repair process.

3. H2O also conducts “Special Event” Missions — These Missions are established when one resident or neighborhood has a number of repair issues that require multiple skills and expensive material. When these types of projects occur, H2O establishes a large county-wide fundraiser specifically targeted for the individual homeowner needing help. As donations are provided, H2O completes these carefully planned projects.


For churches, businesses, organizations and corporations that wish to perform community service projects on their own…H2O will assist your projects or missions by providing special support services. H2O is prepared to manage the entire effort or provide specific services such as project supervision, administration, fundraising, promotion, logistics, plus many other special activities to help organizations help those in need.

Serving Ashtabula County Since 2011 H2O Missions is a faith-based, interdenominational, nonprofit organization that provides volunteer home repairs for disadvantaged residents of Ashtabula County.